Stage 2 Audley End to Bletchley

           End: Bletchley ← Start: Audley EndStage 2 of the 52°N walk travels west from Audley End station in the Essex village of Wendens Ambo, into Hertfordshire then Bedfordshire, and ends at Bletchley in Milton Keynes.

The terrain is fairly flat although 52°N passes the Barton Hills at north end of the Chilterns.Picture source: Geograph website (the Barton Hills in the Chilterns AONB, 5km south of 52° North)

The amazing places on 52° N in Stage 2 (shown as red boxes on the map above) are:

Day 1 – an historic airfield museum (Nuthampstead)
Picture source: 398th Bomb Group website

Day 2 – a solar park (Wisbridge)
Picture source: Push Energy website

Day 3 – a former institute for agricultural research (Wrest Park)
Picture source: English Heritage website

Day 4 – an animal conservation centre (Woburn)
Picture source: Woburn Safari Park website

Day 5 – the famous National Museum of Computing (at Bletchley)
Picture source: National Museum of Computing website

These different places show how Britain has always been at the forefront of technology: formerly in aviation, agriculture & computing and now in energy & conservation.

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Stage 2 Day 0 – Tue 2 Jul: Travel by train from Wokingham to Essex

Stage 2 Day 1 – Wed 3 Jul: Audley End to Nuthampstead

Stage 2 Day 2 – Thu 4 Jul: Nuthampstead to Baldock

Stage 2 Day 3 – Fri 5 Jul: Baldock to Flitwick

Stage 2 Day 4 – Sat 6 Jul: Flitwick to Ridgmont

Stage 2 Day 5 – Sun 7 Jul: Ridgmont to Bletchley, and return by train to Wokingham

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