Hi there – Thanks for visiting this website about my Summer 2019 walk across Britain, and other walks I am doing, or might do, in the future.

When was it?: I left Bawdsey near Felixstowe on the Suffolk coast on Tuesday 25 June 2019 and walked west on footpaths as close as possible to the line of latitude 52° North.  I arrived at Pwll Deri near Fishguard on the Pembrokeshire coast on Friday 9 August 2019.  For more info, see the About page, including my interview with BBC Oxford.

Watch: Please have a look at the trailer video and six weekly highlights videos below.

Read: You can also read a write up of each day’s walk using the Stages menu above.

The three charities I supported were:
Thanks so much to everyone for all their support with the walk and for all your donations.  It was a real privilege to do this.  Many thanks.  Cheers, Richard x

P.S. 2024?  It’s a little way in the future, but I’m thinking about another straight line walk in the Summer of 2024, this time walking north along the line of the meridian 3° West (starting from Lyme Regis in Dorset and ending in Orkney).  Watch this space to see if it actually happens!

52 in Britain Videos 
(volume, headphones & fullscreen recommended)

Trailer Video (1 min 53 secs)

Week 1 Highlights Video – Suffolk & Essex
(4 m 32 s)

Week 2 Highlights Video – Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire (4 m 42 s)

Week 3 Highlights Video – Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire & Oxfordshire (4 m 49 s)

Week 4 Highlights Video – Gloucestershire, Worcestershire & Herefordshire (4 m 2 s)

Week 5 Highlights Video – Powys (4 m 59 s)

Week 6 Highlights Video – Carmarthenshire & Pembrokeshire (8 m 27 s)

Thanks so much, Richard x